A Guide to Choose the Best Mountain Bike

Best Mountain BikeChoosing the best mountain bikes under 1000 is no less than a challenge because mountain bikes in this range are considered budget minded bikes and literally hundreds of choices are available. Add to this fact that each manufacturer is trying to outdo his competitors and hence while quality is ensured so is confusion. To put an end to your confusion go through the concise guide given below and easily choose the best mountain bike.

Stick to your budget

Adhering strictly to your budget is imperative as it is extremely easy for you to get carried away once you start perusing through collections. Also, mountain bikes costing ten times more are available and despite the price you may be convinced that a pricey bike translates into the best. So, ensure not exceeding your budget.

Amazing hardtail bikes

In this price range you can acquire remarkable and superior quality mountain bikes of the hardtail variety. While a hardtail mountain bike is easier to find in this range, paying close attention and exploring your options may also help you acquire a full suspension mountain bike within the stipulated budget. Frames of these bikes are similar to that of costlier mountain bikes; however their price remains lower owing to inclusion of moderately priced components.

Determine type of riding

Take into account the type of mountain riding you aim to do with your bike. Three primary categories of riding are all mountain/trail, downhill and XC. Understanding your personal needs will ensure selection of the bike that is best suited to your needs. Hardtail mountain bikes can help you ride comfortably regardless of your preferred type of riding. However, if you choose a full suspension mountain bike you are bound to receive enhanced comfort, which is why it is extremely important to determine the type of riding you wish to do using your new bike.

Narrow down your options

Visit local stores and look at as many mountain bikes as possible in order to better understand exactly what you are looking for in under $1000. You can also employ the internet to discover specifications and the actual prices of models that you were already considering. However, visiting physical stores proves to be a lot more beneficial as you can assess the quality offered by a mountain bike including the strength of its components.

Next, go ahead and try the two or more bikes that you have narrowed down. Not every store owner will allow you to do this, hence its best ask and confirm early on. Upon riding you will clearly understand the differences and the benefits of each bike and know which one to purchase.


Before buying and paying for the best mountain bikes under 1000, individuals are often advised to consider all available options pertaining to making the actual purchase. So, take into consideration whether you want to buy a brand new bike or if a used one in a great condition is acceptable to you. Check for availability and the price before finally making the actual purchase of the mountain bike that you will take pleasure in riding.

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