Camping Fan – A review

camping fan lampGoing outdoor alone or with our family and friends is one of the best ways to keep the mind fresh and relaxed from our daily busy lives. And going outdoors, sometimes means to travel in the lap of nature and away from dense human population in complete serenity. However, while going far away gives us complete mental peace, we may not get all the basic comforts necessary to make the trip enjoyable. We may bring tents to live in, beddings to sleep in, packaged mineral water to quench our thirst and food to eat, but if the weather turns hot, we need an additional instrument, the camping fan.

Sometimes people overlook the importance of having a portable camping fan, but it is a very important part of any trip. Even, camping fans are useful in cold weather, as it prevents condensation inside your tent by keeping the air circulation active. So, to help you choose the best camping fan for your next trip from numerous models available in the market, some of the very good camping fans are mentioned below with their brief review.

O2COOL 5 inch portable fan – Measuring just 5 inches, this camping fan is very small, compact and highly recommended for hikers. It has a tilting feature that allows you to set the direction of air flow and comes with two speed settings. This highly energy efficient camping fan runs on two D-Cell batteries. It will comfortably run for two nights. However, the D-Cell batteries are not included in the package and you have to buy the batteries from the market separately. Moreover, the structure of this camping fan is not that strong.

Dizaul rechargeable portable fan – This very camping fan is even smaller than the previous one measuring just 4 inches. So, it is very easy to carry on the go while travelling. This rechargeable camping fan runs on 18650 ell lithium ion battery and can be charged using a wall charger, car charger or even using a laptop. Moreover, it comes with a 2650mAh power bank, which can be used to charge your gadgets. However, the charging cable that comes with the package is quite short. This model comes with three different settings though the high speed setting is quite noisy.

OPOLAR F201 Rechargeable Portable Mini USB fan – This rechargeable camping is a bit bigger than the previous models, but is small enough to fit inside most of the backpacks. The OPOLAR F201 camping fan even comes with light making it even more useful while travelling around. This model comes with an energy efficient 2200mAh battery that comfortably runs the fan for six hours. This fan has three settings to choose from but you cannot adjust the direction of the air flow. And the structure of the fan is made of plastic, which requires cautious handling.

So, before buying a camping fan for your next trip, be sure to find the perfect size of the fan you want, the type of battery you want in your camping fan and look for additional feature that you need. And buying a camping with air flow direction adjustment is recommended.

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