Cultural Experiences Abroad (CEA) – Enhance Your Overseas Experience

Cultural Experiences AbroadFounded in 1996, Cultural Experiences Abroad (CEA) provides study abroad opportunities for United States and Canadian college students of all majors and language levels. Today, CEA facilities study abroad programs for thousands of American and Canadian students at multiple universities in exciting global cities in 13 countries, which include: Spain, South Africa, Italy, Ireland, Germany, France, England, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, China, Chile, Brazil, and Argentina.
Cultural Experiences Abroad aims to create and facilitate real opportunities for academic achievement, personal growth and global competence through top quality international education. To accomplish this goal, CEA offers quality study abroad programs for college, university and high school students in the U.S and Canada. It also provides financing and scholarships, medical insurance services, and social and cultural activities for students, as well as housing for both students and faculty offered By CEA

Study abroad programs offered by CEA give students a unique opportunity to develop personally, academically and professionally while getting a chance to indulge their sense of adventure. Here are the benefits to enrolling in a study abroad program through CEA.

1. Networking
CEA study abroad programs students to form valuable professional contacts while studying in a foreign country. Because the course loads tend to be lighter, students can work part-time, find internships or work placements or volunteer while studying abroad.
2. Form valuable new contacts and make lifelong connections
CEA study abroad opportunities offer students the chance to meet new people and form friendships that may even last a lifetime. Students get to enjoy sharing their experiences with host families or fellow students, thus avoiding feeling homesick.
3. Become more independent
Studying abroad via CEA programs removes students from the normal support network they are accustomed to back home, allowing them to hone their self-reliance skills and gain some independence.
4. Improve your second language skills and effectiveness in communicating across cultures
Studying abroad gives students the perfect opportunity to improve their second language skills, or learn a new foreign language. It also gives them a chance to understand and appreciate other cultures as well as gain skills to communicate across cultures.
5. Pursue exciting activities that you wouldn’t do
By enrolling for a study abroad program via CEA, students can embark on an adventure of a lifetime, where they can explore the unknown and try their hands at exciting activities that they may not be offered back at home.
6. Experience a foreign culture
CEA study abroad programs allow students to participate in the day-to-day life of new locales and gain a first-hand understanding and new appreciation of the foreign culture. Students who undergo these programs are more respectful of other cultures and economic systems.
7. Helps boost employment prospects
Many employers, especially multinationals value prospective candidates with international experience, advanced foreign language skills and ability to effectively communicate across cultures. Also, these skills can be very beneficial if you’re interested in pursuing a career in diplomacy, international relations or government.

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