How to choose the best tent for family

tentThe first step in finding the best tent for family is narrowing down the size of the family and also the activities to be involved. After hours of research as well as time spent consulting frequent campers with kids and considering diverse camping experiences, it can be determined that a six-person tent is the logical size for most families. For example: the compact, lightweight and affordable tents. Buying a professional family tent is, in many ways, comparable to buying a home

When choosing your tent, first choose a model based on your family size and whether or not you may need some more space for extra friends and pets, When evaluating tent capacity ratings, my great advice is this: If you need more room and bigger space consider enlarging your tent capacity by one person, particularly if you or your other tent companion(s):

are large people toss and turn during the night sleeping much better and bringing a small child or a pet

There are different types of tents which includes the Copper Canyon 6, similar to Jade Canyon 6 and Silver Canyon 6, main functions of three-season tents are:

Keeping you dry and warmer when its rainy or light snow seasons. Shielding you from bugs. Providing privacy.

Key tent features includes:


This allows access of light from outside inside the tent and enhances ventilation to help manage cool and humid temperatures in the tent

Tent Poles

A tent’s pole helps determines how easy or hard it is to the pitch.

Tent Doors

Well when choosing your tent you have to determine the number of door’s you need and their shape to, especially if you’re camping with your family members, some multiple door’s are better to avoid bathroom break, and also some privacy.

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