Reviews of inflatable kayaks

Kayaking is surely well-known to a person who loves water sports. Without any doubt, it is the one of the most audacious water sports. It not only assists in expanding the imagination power of a player, but also makes him/her physically fit.

However, in order to truly enjoy kayaking, an appropriate boat is needed. This boat is known as a kayak and is sometimes termed as a canoe in the UK. An inflatable kayak is a great option that is available in the market. They can be easily put into a small space and carried as required. Apart from these, it is flexible, smooth, beautiful, durable, and rigid and also comes in different models. As such, there will be no doubt in customer’s mind after interpreting the reviews of some exclusive inflatable kayaks.

Exclusive products of inflatable kayaks

Nowadays, there are distinct products accessible in market or website. But, they fail to fulfill all requirements of a client until selecting the best one. The information of three best inflatable kayak is mentioned below which will surely assist a consumer. These kayaks are:-

  • AIRE Outfitter I – The AIRE Outfitter is an overwhelming kayak that comes with a big tube diameter. It makes kayaking more convenient, enjoyable and smooth, just like rolling over a soft cake because its seating area is a bit low. The length and width of this kayak are 9 feet 11 inches and 40 inches respectively. So, it has massive width which resists grim waves during kayaking. It also features outer PVC coating throughout its hull. This coating protects kayak from accidents, bad weather, awful hits as well as humilities. It can easily carry three adult people along with some extra loads like repairing kits, luggage etc. The most important thing is that it features three air chambers. With the help of the other two chambers, this kayak can reach to the nearest shore, in case of a failure of one chamber. In addition to this, a Leafield B7 valve is attached to the kayak to allow hassle-free air for deflation and inflation of kayak tube.
  • AIRE Puma Raft – The unique thing in this kayak is that it can carry up to four people. Due to its heavy carrying ability, another name that is given to it is cargo kayak. This model features five air chambers that provides safety if one chamber gets scratched. It has Leafield C7 valve that is leak proof and also has D rings that save the kayak from accidents.
  • NRS Outlaw II – Two people can travel in this kayak. It has also two thwarts, which provides the kayakers with a cozy back. It also features five distinct air chambers. The length of this inflatable kayak is 12 feet and 2 inches while the breadth is 39 inches. Its surface is also coated with PVC which resists large waves. The valve type of the NRS Outlaw is also Leafield C7. In addition, four stainless steel rings are fixed in that kayak which keep the load balanced. Water bottles, sports kits, bags and other necessary things can be easily carried in this kayak.

Tips for kayaking

  • A beginner should know swimming very well.
  • A slightly bent or double blade paddle is good for kayaking.
  • A kayaker should not eat too much before kayaking.
  • A kayaker should be attentive, bravery, consistency and also self-confidence.


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