The Best Baseball Equipment!

baseball field equipmentThe bat and ball game, baseball, is a favourite sport amongst many of you out there! If you love the game it’s a good idea to know some of the latest baseball field equipment which is used in the sport. There is plenty of equipment to choose, ranging from batting cages to portable pitching mounds. Let us take a look at some of the different equipment:

  • Indoor or Outdoor Batting cages and frames –

Xtender Batting Cage – Your backyard can be turned into a fully automated cage for batting. This batting cage is lightweight and fully portable. It is wind and weather resistant and can be easily set up in an hour’s time. It has 24’, 30’ and 36’ sections and an additional section can be added up to 72 feet.

Batco Batting Tunnel batting cage – Reviews suggest that this cage is amongst the best in the present market. It can be easily set up both indoors or outdoors. This cage is fifty percent wider and twenty percent taller than the traditional and standard tunnels. This extra space enables a lot more activity, such as live batting practice along with a catcher, for instance! The special feature about this cage is that within two minutes you can easily fold it, just like an accordion.

  • Portable Pitching Mounds –

4” Economy Youth Portable Pitching Mound – This pitching mound weighs less than 30 pounds and is perfect if you practice in your backyard and a mobile bullpen. To be precise, it is four inches high, thirty-four inches wide and forty-six inches long. With this pitching mound, you will no longer have to pitch “out of the hole” or uphill! Within minutes you can change a softball field into a baseball fields.

6” Full Feature Portable Pitching Mound – With this pitching mound you will no longer have to “land on dirt”. It is extremely comfortable for spin move to second and step move to first. It is recommended for pitchers up o six feet tall.

  • Sports barrier netting – This is usually made of virgin nylon, therefore the heavier the grade, the more costly the material will be. The strength of the net depends on the climate that you live in. Most nets today are outdoor weather proof and are braided and knotted in such a way so as to resist unravelling.
  • Baseball Screens and catch nets – These are available majorly in three different types. The lightweight kind which is perfect for the backyard. Next is the better type, which is usually seen in high schools and colleges. The best kind is those that have thick wall, schedule 40 aluminium.
  • Baseball carts –There is a wide variety, ranging from the inexpensive rolling ball caddy which can hold up to 60 baseballs or 36 soft balls, to heavy duty locking equipment boxes made of 14 Gauge Powder Coated Steel.
  • Baseball Turf, Stance mats and on deck circles – there are plenty of variations to choose from. Some of the equipment can be used both indoors and outdoors.

All of this equipment surely counts for some good baseball training, so make up your mind on getting them.

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